Photo Editing: How much is too much? - Wedding Photographer Raleigh NC

This week my wife shared with me a video about photo processing she found online. The video features 4 women who were photographed, and asked if they could be photoshopped into cover models. Their opinions and reactions to the final product makes the content of the video. (Watch it here)

I've never been a big fan of heavy photoshopping my models. Bear in mind that when I say model I'm referring to anybody who stands in front of my camera.

I'm not saying that I don't photoshop at all. Yes I do, like most photographers do, but I draw a line. I don't liquify people (liquify is a photoshop tool that allows one to pull, push or bloat any area of an image) and that is where I draw the line.

I photoshop small skin blemishes, I soft the skin a little, I remove some of the wrinkles, if there are any, and I brighten and sharpen eyes. What I don't do besides liquifying? I don't remove any features one has. I don't change eye colors neither. When my clients come to me, for a boudoir session for instance, I state upfront that I'll not make one look skinnier using post processing because I can highlight ones features through posing. I know which poses to avoid and which ones to explore according to my model body structure. I know how to work the light in your favor. Good posing goes a long way, believe me.

In honesty, I had one semi professional model saying that I don't photoshop enough. Maybe, but I don't like to photoshop a person to the point one doesn't know if it's a real person or a Barbie doll. If you go through my portrait photography portfolio, you'll see what I mean.

There are occasions when ‘heavier’ processing is more than appropriated, it’s needed, if one is photographing a fashion magazine cover, for instance. In these cases the occasion lends itself to a more processed, over soft image. But, for regular portrait photography I really don’t think over processing is the way to go.

But as always, that’s my opinion, that’s my style.

Let me know what you think on the comments. Do you like the over processed looks? If you go to the portrait area of my portfolio, do you think I should go ‘heavier’ on my processing? I’m curious to know.

Watch the video here