Dana, Keith and Krista

Some people prefer to have their photo session in the studio. We have a small studio in our home that easily accomodates two people. If we need more space, we have access to a larger studio that we sometimes rent. This gives us a lot of flexibility. Now, let's go to the shooting.

As we were in the studio, I wanted to take advantege of the natural light coming through the window and started with some silhouette. There's something about pregnant women that makes me want do do a silhouette. Still don't know what it is :)

We started the session shooting against a white background. Any background tonality you see was added in post processing. Dana had her hair and make up done and looked fantastic. Then, after a few shots against the white background, we brought Keith into the shooting. We brought a Japanese style room divider and placed behind the couple.

As the session progresses, everybody gets more comfortable and start having some fun. We really liked the Japanese screen as the background and added some props to make it more interesting. To get some colors to the Japanese screen, we lit it from behind with two gelled flashes. I quite like the added colors. What do you think?

One interesting fact about the above shot (right). That little rocking chair, belongs to Keith from the time he was a little boy. I love when people bring props that mean something to them. At that point in the session we decided to get some shots outside. We have a small grass area at the back that we used. The sun was nice and low and we were able to get some really nice natural light.

Outfit is a really important part of a photos session. It can make or break it. One of the items in our welcome packet is a 'What to Wear' guide. I love the color palette they picked and they also brought several different outfits for us to look at. Unfortunately, we didn't have time for all of them.

I really like shooting in natural light. It may be a little challenging, but the results are awesome. At that time we were ready to go back inside because we still wanted another outfit change and to shoot against the black background. Dana brought a black dress and that's a challenge when shooting a person dressed in black against a black background. We had to use some speedlights to light her from behind, so she wouldn't get lost on the background.

I still wanted to play with some lights against the black background, but it was getting late and we all wanted to go to dinner. So, I leave you with our last shot. Cheers!