Photos by Clay, Wedding and Portrait Photography

Looking for a wedding photographer that will deliver outstanding images and provide you with a memorable experience? That's our focus. We understand how important your wedding day is, but do you? Let's think about this a little bit. You pay a lot of money for flowers and decoration. You pay a lot of money for food. Then after your wedding day, flowers and food are gone. What's the only thing that stays with you FOREVER? IMAGES OF WHAT IS PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF YOUR LIFE! And still, some people feel like they should go 'cheap'  on the photography. Don't be the person who forever hates your wedding images.  We're not here to deliver your normal boring image. Our goal is to deliver EXQUISITE, SEDUCTIVE AND MEMORABLE images that will bring you joy and decorate your home for a long long time.




Photos by Clay is a leading NC wedding photographer with a unique relaxed portraiture style and authentic documentary photography.


Be it family, maternity or high school senior, it's your day, your time to shine. We will provide you the best experience and deliver images that will make you proud to hang on your wall and share with friends.



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