Aline, Eder, Lorena and Julia

This was a mostly outside shooting. The idea was to capture Aline's pregnancy on an relaxed and laid back way, just like they all are. So, we drove to a park near their house and started shooting.

As we work with her, Eder and Lorena played a little bit, but they couldn't stay out of the images. We here at Photos by Clay, always like to bring the entire family into the maternity portrait. We understand that the mother is the most important part, but nothing like the essence of a family to tie it all together.

As you can see on the shots below, this is a very young, energetic and fun family. And that's exactly what we wanted to capture.

At this point everybody was relaxed and enjoying the perfect weather for a photoshoot. We were approaching the end of the session and I was a getting little worried about Aline's comfort. I wanted to wrap it up the outside part of the shooting because I still want to do a few shots in their house at the nursery. But I must say, it was hard to stop. We were all having too much fun as you can see in the shots below.

And then we brought the family together for some final outside shots.

We decided not to do too many shots inside. The session was running for over two hours at that point and we were all tired. Aline was a trooper. Never complained and let us to do what we wanted. We did some inside shots in color, but below are the two I liked the most from that part of the session.