Anna and Javier Pabon

On June 13 2015 Anna Elizabeth Buckner and Javier Pabon had their wedding at the Snipes Farm Retreat in Chapel Hill, NC. It's a beautiful farm with a very rustic building making it a nice location for an outside wedding and a wonderful backdrop for wedding photography. It was a hot day,  above the 90F (around 34C), with a blue sky and love was in the air. We felt very blessed to be able to be a part of the team and provide wedding photography for this family. We arrived early (around 1pm) and started photographing the beautiful centerpieces while the location was still empty.

A little later on the beautiful bride arrived with her family. Timefor the getting ready shots. My wife Daniela was my assistant for the day. We photograph together and she's an awesome photographer, assistant and retoucher. We make a great team together and it's always nice to have a female perspective for this type of photography.

It's key to have a committed team to help the bride and groom to get ready for their wedding photography it wasn't different with this wedding. Whilst we were photographing the bride, we were told that the groom had arrived. The couple decided not to see each other, so he was in a different part of the building. As soon as we finished with the bride we went over to photograph the groom and groomsmen.

As I said above, the couple decided not to see each other, but wanted to hold hands before the ceremony. Too many emotions that words can't explain

And the guests started to arrive for the wedding. It's almost showtime!!!

I have to say this. I've never seem so many gorgeous kids gathered in a single place like this day. Too many to post, here are some of them

And here comes the bride!!!

The wedding ceremony.

If you think this is the end, you're mistaken. That's when THE REAL FUN starts

And then everybody went inside to enjoy the cool air. The DJ the hired did a great job. They all danced until late night and had a blast.

It was a fun day. Long but fun. We finished up around 11pm, so it was a 10-hour coverage. We also did all the formal images that you see on every wedding, but I wanted to post mostly the fun ones. This is our style. We like to photograph what we see. That's why we take 3 cameras with us, so we don't have to be switching lenses and missing moments. Below I'm posting 3 of my favorite images from the day. That are too many to pick. Yes! Wedding photography is a lot of fun!!

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